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We mean the wife's mother. In Russian jokes a son-in-law and a mother-in-law are always in bad terms with each other. Why? It is a mystery for us :)


In Russian jokes all Jews look greedy, and Jewish women avaricious and grumbling.

Traffic cop

I believe all russian jokes about traffic cops were written by drivers, because they are described as bribetakers. In Russia all cars must be equipped with a fire-extinguisher, a sign of emergency stop and a first-aid kit. A russian traffic cop can stop a car and inspect if they are available. If the driver lacks something, the cop can impose fine on him.

New Russian

"New Russians" (NR) are actually well-to-do Russians. Often under "New Russians" are understood gangsters who became rich. In jokes "New Russians" have: a "Mercedes-600", a mobile, a pager, a golden chain on their necks of about 1 kg. Very often "Zaporozhets" (a very old, cheap and unpopular model of car) bumps into the cars of "New Russians".

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